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UKTPFG - Underwater Kinetics UK Pro Flex Grip - Scuba sku

- UKTPFG by Underwater Kinetics

Item description: This Scuba Arms Trays & Mounts product is by Underwater Kinetics - Connecting the dots between the Aqualite (see SKU: UKTAV) and your POV Camera, the UK Pro Flex Grip is an Easy, One Handed Video Arm with a Wide Range of Motion for that Perfect Lighting Angle. The UK Pro Flex Grip has Twist Knobs to Lock Arm in Position. Flex Grip has an Integrated Lanyard, Mounts to the Aqualite with 1/4-20 Screws and Easily-Attaches to your POV Camera Attachment Point at Base. The Underwater Kinetics UK pro Flex Arm measures 9.1" X 2.6" x 1.9" (23cm x 6.6cm x 4.8cm) and Collapses for easy Storage. UK Pro Flex Grip is made from Durable Corrosive Resistant Material. Arm is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Underwater Kinetics

Category: Arms Trays & Mounts


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