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SSSA7SFA - Sea & Sea Sea Arm VII Slide Fixed Arm Replacement #92953 - Scuba sku

- SSSA7SFA by Sea And Sea

Item description: This Scuba Arms Trays & Mounts product is by Sea And Sea - The Sea & Sea, Sea Arm VII Slide Fixed Arm allows you to add a Ball Mount to a Tray with a Bracket Shoe. Easy to install on your Sea & Sea Tray or Grip and allows you to mount a ball arm or strobe, focus light or other accessory equipped with an SKU: SSSA8SHS Strobe Head or other Ball Head with an SKU: SSSA8BCS Clamp. The Slide Fixed Arm is made from durable corrosion resistant aluminum alloy with anodized finish, rubber and plastic. The ball joint design allows firmer tightening and smoother loosening, and tighter grip at each joint makes arm position more secure with rubber O-ring friction gasket. The Sea Arm VII Slide Fixed Arm measures approximately (W x H), 1.3" x 2.9" (33mm x 72mm), weighs approximately 2.9oz (83.5g) and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty. EASY 1-2-3 shows you step-by-step how to create your very own system! You select your housing and compatible lenses, and ports are given to you followed by compatible strobes and cables. Creating your system has never been easier. Forget the headaches trying to explain housing systems to customers. EASY 1-2-3 does the job for you!Check out SEA&SEA EASY 1-2-3 now!... Learn More

Manufacturer: Sea And Sea

Category: Arms Trays & Mounts


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