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SKU-PL1783 Pelican Replacement O-Ring for PL1780 Series Cases from Leisure Pro  sku

Pelican Replacement O-Ring for PL1780 Series Cases - PL1783 by Pelican

Item description: This Scuba Bag & Apparel Accessories product is by Pelican - Pelican Case O-Ring replacement is a Quality Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) O-Ring. To Prolong-the-Life and Preserve-the-Watertight-Properties of your Case you should Lubricate-the-O-Ring periodically using Silicone Grease. If you should need a replacement O-Ring for your case here is what you need. Each Pelican case comes with an O-Ring in the Lid to Seal-Out any Water, Dust or Debris. It maintains a Watertight, Moisture and Dust-Proof Seal. Over time the O-Ring may deteriorate and needs replacing. Having a spare on hand is important, and they are easy to install. This O-Ring fits Pelican PL1780 Series Cases. O-Ring comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Fits Pelican Cases: PL1780W Weapons Case PL1780W (No Foam) Weapons Case PL1780T Transport Case PL1780T No Foam Transport Case... Learn More

Manufacturer: Pelican

Category: Bag & Apparel Accessories


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