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SKU-FNT3027 Fantasea Flex Arm 5.9

Fantasea Flex Arm 5.9" (15cm) - FNT3027 by Fantasea

Item description: This Scuba Arms Trays & Mounts product is by Fantasea - The Fantasea Flex Arm is a compact 5.9" (15cm) lightweight 4.94 oz (140g) Flexible Arm made of Rugged Plastic Polycarbonate Material with 304-Stainless Steel Hardware, designed for attaching a Flash, Focus Light or Night Dive Light to a Tray. The Flex Arm features a standard C1 Connector at the Bottom, allowing it to be mounted directly on a Tray to a T1 Connector (not included). It also features a Standard Y-S Connector at the top, designed for easy attachment of Underwater Flashes and Lights. The flexible design of the arm allows for the light or flash mounted on top of it to be positioned within different angles and distances from the camera housing increasing your photographic versatility. Arm comes with an Owner's Manual and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Fantasea

Category: Arms Trays & Mounts


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