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SKU-DCS14 Dry Case Sports Belt from Leisure Pro  sku

Dry Case Sports Belt - DCS14 by Aqua

Item description: This Scuba Bag & Apparel Accessories product is by Aqua - Simple slip the waistband on like a belt, attach through the back of the Dry Case and enjoy your favorite sport while enjoying music. Sports Belt is great for stand-up paddling, running, swimming, biking or anything else. You won't even know the waistband is on it's so comfortable. It's the best option for staying low profile and still having your music without hurting your performance. The Sports Belt is manufactured from stretchy neoprene rubber with Velcro closure. Safely use your cell phone, camera or MP3 player while paddling, surfing, swimming, biking or running with the Dry Case Sport Belt. Neoprene material is buoyant and waterproof, so it's perfect for water sports. Secure, yet comfortable, so you can wear it trouble-free for hours. Low profile design stays out of your way so you can stay active. Fully adjustable, one size fits all. Dry Case Sports Belt is compatible with Dry Case. Belt measures 49.25" (125cm) in length.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Aqua

Category: Bag & Apparel Accessories


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